Comprehensive All Breed

Comprehensive All Breed Dog Grooming Course Description

What else to expect?

The course should take 240 to 360 hours to study and complete assignments from start to finish. This time does not include the time you will take to practice and develop your skills before you complete an assignment.

Here is what one of our many graduates have said:

“Yes! I am so happy I found Groomadog! I feel like I was given everything I needed to be successful. I could not have asked for a better correspondence course. I was working at a bank for years and realized I was so unhappy. I’m so happy I made the choice to change my career, and now I am happy I chose Groomadog. Kathy is experienced, knowledgeable, and a great teacher! I wish I could have participated in the in-person course! Thank you so much. Kiley Morris

Have you always wanted to work with dogs?

This is the course for the person looking for a career as a dog stylist. Work for any shop worldwide, open your own business, compete in National competitions, the sky is the limit. The first six weeks you will learn all practical skills and the last six weeks is spent critiquing your skills and working on your speed. There is an optional two FREE weeks at the end of the course as a non-paid apprentice in our professional shop when tables are available. (Instructor present).

Besides learning every aspect of grooming all the different breeds you will learn:

• Anatomy

• Skin disorders

• How and what to study for this profession

• Ears, Toe Nails, Mats

• Grooming with Snap-on combs

• Clipper Vac (optional)

• Line Brushing

• Hand scissoring techniques

• Seven different open book test on all AKC Breeds

• All about blades

• Clipper maintenance

• What makes a groomer so slow?

• Instructor supervision

• Proper blow-drying

• Private classroom time with other students and graduates

• How to acquire a position with any grooming shop

• And much more, this course is all-inclusive and you will be able to enter the first-year groomer

competition at any of the dog grooming seminars.

Course completion will give you the solid foundation needed and often required to work, own or run any grooming facility.


Eighty percent of the lessons are hands-on grooming

12 Weeks….Resident ……………………………………. 360 hrs

$4800.00 – TUITION

$500.00 – APP FEE

$600.00 – TOOLKIT

$5900.00 – TOTAL

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